Thursday, April 30, 2009

Selig should suspend A-Rod just for effect

Baseball was just about to leap into May with momentum after an amazing April when, once again, the sport has to stop and deal with the latest news of steroid use. And, once again, it’s all about Alex Rodriguez lieing again. A soon-to-be-released book by Sport Illustrated’s Selena Roberts reveals that A-Rod used steroids/performance-enhancing drugs in high school and while with the New York Yankees, disputing A-Rod’s admission that he only dabbled in them while he was playing for the Texas Rangers.

Now I don’t mind the book exposing A-Rod has a fraud and a cheater and a liar. That’s pretty much been established. I’m OK with that.

What bothers me  -- again – is that Bud Selig stands by and says and does absolutely nothing. His strategy seems to be to continue to sweep all these steroid allegations under the rug until people ignore it. Well, the baseball commissioner has so much dirt now piled under the rug that it’s taken on the shape of a volcano.

Selig is being paid an extravagant salary and I can’t believe there is anyone outside of baseball’s owners who believe he earns it. Just once I wish Bud would stomp his feet and point his finger and howl at the moon and do something sensational to get people’s attention and really, seriously deal with these steroid users.

Here’s a suggestion. Suspend A-Rod. Right now. OK, the Players Association wouldn’t allow it and it wouldn’t hold up in a court of law but I wouldn’t mind Selig doing some grandstanding to get a point across. At least he could give appearance that he’s as mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. I’m OK with that.

Instead, we’ll be lucky to have Selig speak on the matter. His sport keeps getting interrupted by allegations of steroid abuse and all he does is calmly address them in his mild-mannered way like it’s just another tumbleweed blowing across Kansas.

Well, actions speak louder than words. Do something, Mr. Commissioner. Blow up, Bud. Blow up!


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