Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NHL playoffs better than NBA playoffs

Why the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are better than the NBA playoffs this year …
1) The Stanley Cup playoffs are wildly unpredictable in every round. The NBA playoffs, ho hum, are just waiting for the Lakers to meet the Cavaliers.
2) The Stanley Cup playoffs have fans that wear their team colors and uniforms to games. The NBA playoffs have fans dressed to the nines.
3) The Stanley Cup playoffs have James Hetfield of Metalica at rinkside. The NBA playoffs have assorted rap stars and Jack Nicholson at courtside.
4) The Stanley Cup playoffs have players who grow real beards. The NBA playoffs have Pau Gasol.
5) The Stanley Cup playoffs’ two best players paid their dues in juniors worlds apart. The NBA playoffs’ two best players are from neighboring states who didn’t go to college.
6) The Stanley Cup playoffs don’t have any music playing when the puck is moving during the game. The NBA playoffs have “defense” chants ad nauseam.
7) The Stanley Cup playoffs can have two national anthems in a game. The NBA playoffs only have one.
8) The Stanley Cup playoffs have goalies who “stand on their head.” The NBA playoffs have multi-millionaires who sit on the bench.
9)  The Stanley Cup playoffs’ biggest controversy thus far involved Alexander “The Great” Ovechkin. The NBA playoffs’ biggest controversy thus far involved Erick  “Not So Great” Dampier.
10)              The Stanley Cup playoffs end with players shaking hands. The NBA playoffs end with players changing teams.


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