Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wilson's blown save stalls Giants' momentum

I was just about to jump on the San Francisco Giants’ bandwagon – or least eye it as if it was a taxi cab a block away – when Brian Wilson blew a save, Matt Cain’s masterpiece, a sweep in Arizona and the team’s bid to climb over .500 all in one fell swoop.

So, instead of coming home to AT&T Park to play the first-place Dodgers with some momentum, the Giants have to answer the same old question: Are they ever going to score enough runs to win enough games? Basically, their pitching has to be practically perfect for them to prevail.

It was on Sunday as Cain and two relievers handed Wilson a 3-run lead in the ninth inning. Wilson instead surrendered a game-tying home run to the .190-hitting Justin Upton and it was thereafter their destiny to lose in extra innings, the most frustrating loss of the year. A feel-good three-game sweep over the Diamondbacks on the road was wiped out, replaced by the prospect of Barry Zito facing the Dodgers on Monday night.

Cancel that cab ride. I’ll wait.


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