Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Crabtree/Maclin Reunion in Bay Area?

I’m no expert when it comes to the NFL draft, which puts me among the majority of so-called experts who serve us Mock NFL drafts like tuna casserole these days. My guess is as good as theirs.

I can’t tell you whom the Raiders and the 49ers should pick in the first round on Saturday so I’m not going to try.

However, I can tell you whom I’d like for the Raiders and 49ers to pick and a lot of it depends on what teams pick whom above them.

It’s possible that the Raiders, selecting seventh overall, may have a choice between wide receivers Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech or Jeremy Maclin of Missouri. Now we all know that Al Davis loves speed more than the Andretti family. But Davis also loves athletes and it appears that, though Maclin is faster and more explosive, Crabtree is a better athlete and more polished as a route runner/pass catcher. I’d like for the Raiders to draft Crabtree before Maclin because speed is overrated. Just ask Jerry Rice.

Then again, Al Davis is known for doing something extraordinary and unorthodox on draft day. Thus, will he tempted to draft Susan Boyle? Has she won a Heisman Trophy or something?

The 49ers may have a shot at drafting either Crabtree or Maclin, too, and I’d like it if they would because I can’t believe Issac Bruce is still playing and appears to be the team’s only deep threat. He’s a Hall of Fame-bound player but isn’t he now as old as some of the gum stuck beneath seats at Candlestick Park?

There is also a chance that Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith may be available for the 49ers at No. 10. At the start of this year, Smith was considered the No. 1 pick overall. He could be the next Orlando Pace. Or the next Jonas Jennings.

But, what if the Raiders and 49ers draft Crabtree and Maclin or vice versa? Imagine that. Every week for years to come Raiders and 49ers fans would analyze and argue over who had the better draft and made the wiser choice. A Crabtree/Maclin Tale of the Tape debate would rage in the Bay Area. It would be a wonderful and intoxicating sideshow if both teams continue to suck.

I like that.


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