Friday, April 9, 2010

Stage is set for Tiger Forgiveness Weekend

Oh, oh.
What if Tiger Woods wins the Masters?
He’s two strokes back going into the weekend. He’s right where he wants to be. Right where we want him to be. In the hunt, like a speed boat chasing down row boats on a lake.
What could possibly happen?
Best-case scenario: Tiger wins the tournament with a birdie putt on the 18th hole at Augusta then his estranged wife, Elin, shows up with the kids and Tiger breaks down in her arms with his kids hugging his legs. Norman Rockwell portrait. The world forgives him. Nike has fodder for another commercial.
Worse-case scenario: Really can’t think of one right now except Tiger wins the Masters and Elin serves him with divorce papers coming off the 18th green and Stevie Williams, his caddy, sells his story to TMZ. That would be a kick in the groin, or a golf club to the Escalade, if you will.
If anything, people are paying attention to Tiger again for what he does best, not what he did behind everyone’s back. Tiger – and golf -- is relevant again and the Earth is back on its axis.

Once around the bases …

Pillow talk landed Tiger in trouble. Bad pillows landed Jeff Suppan on the disabled list. As the story goes, Suppan, who will make $12.5 million to pitch for the Milwaukee Brewers this season, came up with a stiff neck in spring training because of the pillows he used to sleep on in a rented condo. Here’s an idea: Why didn’t he just go out and buy some better ones. Duh?

I know it’s only four games into the season, but the 2010 San Francisco Giants already have a magical feel about them … until Brian Wilson blows a save.

Going into the first weekend of the baseball season, the longest current winning streak in the major leagues is shared by the Giants and A’s.

Going to see the San Jose Sharks play on Saturday night. After watching the fight-filled third period of their game on Thursday night against Vancouver, I wonder if they have expanded the penalty boxes at the Shark Tank.

Congrats to Don Nelson. The Warriors can fire him now.

Then Nellie can become general manager of the 49ers.


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