Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prime time draft for Raiders, 49ers? Zzzzzz

With the eighth pick in the NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders will select Trent Williams, offensive tackle, Oklahoma.
With the 13th pick in the NFL draft, the San Francisco 49ers will select Anthony Davis, offensive tackle, Rutgers.
So there you have it. First two picks for Bay Area teams will be offensive tackles.
Wow. That will light up the phone lines from Raiders and 49ers fans seeking to renew their season tickets for the 2010 season. If that’s the goal, the Raiders would do better to draft Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen and the 49ers should grab Clemson all-purpose back C.J. Spiller.
Or they could trade for Ben Roethlisberger.
Here’s a draft pick that will make a bigger difference. The Golden State Warriors will select 6-foot-11, 280-pound Kentucky power forward/center in the 2010 NBA draft.
The American Idol on Thursday night will be Mel Kiper, Jr.
Who has the most offense this week: The San Jose Sharks or San Francisco Giants?
I remember covering an A’s game in Kansas City one year when they lost a game that the Royals recorded only one hit. Said KC catcher Mike Macfarlane afterward, “It was the maximization of the minimal number of hits.”
Speaking of baseball, a must-buy is “Bleeding Baseball,” by Daniel A. Floersch. It’s a baseball trivia book from cover to cover from regular season to post season.
Which leads me to my favorite baseball trivia question, the one that stumps most everyone: Who was the starting second baseman for the Boston Red Sox on Opening Day in 1967?
Give up? Reggie Smith.


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