Monday, January 17, 2022

Please Give 49ers Some Credit For Beating Cowboys


Excuse me? Didn’t the San Francisco 49ers upset the almighty Dallas Cowboys in Jerry Jones’ Big Ass House yesterday?

Is anyone in the national media going to give the 49ers any well-deserved credit for that?

It’s Overreaction Monday in America today before Putdown Tuesday and judging by the volume of the cable TV talking heads blasting away at Dallas, America’s Team has morphed into America’s Scream. Though the 49ers lost their two best defensive players in the game to injury, the Cowboys –  mind you the No. 1 offense and most overhyped team in the NFL this year – had scored only seven points in the first three quarters. The sixth-seeded 49ers had meticulously built a 23-7 lead and if not for a stupid interception by Jimmy Garoppolo in the fourth quarter (yes, 49ers fans, I feel you angst when Jimmy G becomes Jimmy ... Jesus Christ!!!???), there would be absolutely no complaining or whining or crying (momma, don’t let your girls grow up to be Cowboys fans) about a badly-timed spike in the final seconds of the game.

The narrative coming out of Dallas—the league’s most penalized team this year -- is we were robbed by the refs and the national media have chosen to the dissect the game’s final play – a Hail Quarterback Sneak – that, though risky and bold, would have set up a Hail Mary pass that we can only imagine would have ended a game that Dallas did not deserve to win.

So now to hear and see the Well-Coiffed Yelling Heads and Monday Morning Quarterbacks on Twitter around the World – the same people who two weeks ago were promoting Dallas as Super Bowl bound --  the onus is on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to fire Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy, whom Jones hired two years ago to replace Jason Garrett. Jerry Jones also gave Dak Prescott $40 million contract to be a Super Bowl quarterback who yesterday was outplayed by Garoppolo and his injured thumb who still hasn’t lived down one overthrown pass to Emmanuel Sanders two years ago in the Super Bowl.

Yet instead of Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan earning some sliver of redemption and praise for execution of a great game plan to build a better than two touchdown lead over the supposed better team, the focus is on a spike. A spike???!!! The Cowboys had sufficient field position and enough time to throw TWO Hail Mary passes into the end zone so why is everyone debating and talking about a pass intentionally directed at the ground???!!!

Let’s just make this simple: The 49ers played with more confidence, better execution, and more poise than the Cowboys and deserved to win.

Let’s move on to Green Bay. Please.


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