Thursday, August 11, 2011

When did Little League World Series become so big

Some quit hits while watching the Little League World Series and wondering what the favorite food is for the next batter ...

Tiger = Karma.

Just wondering how Stevie Williams could have the best week of his life when he never played a single shot. In fact, in 33 years as a caddy, has Williams ever stood over a ball with a club in his hands and the pressure of the world resting on how he actually hit it? No. Then quit gloating. He was a prick when caddying for Tiger Woods and now he thinks he’s a prince.

I laugh at how San Francisco Giants’ fans are wincing and worrying about winning the NL West. Here’s my perspective: My favorite team is the Boston Red Sox and they have the New York Yankees chasing them. The Giants have the Arizona Diamondbacks trying to catch them. I mean, the Diamondbacks???!!! It’s the difference between a bulldozer or a tricycle coming from behind. Stop fretting, Giants fans.

Is it me or was there more focus on NFL football when they weren’t playing football than there is now that they are playing football? It’s back. So why not care more about it, right? The NFL holdout falls under the category that any publicity is good publicity. There was more coverage for the NFL without anyone taking a single snap.

Same thing is going to happen with the NBA. They huff and puff but they’ll play when the time comes.

Dennis Rodman? Hall of Famer? Never saw that coming.

I’m just sick of the Joe Mauer ads for dandruff shampoo. You?

Speaking of stupid, did you hear all the talking head soccer analysts ripping new US National Soccer Team coach Jurgen Klinsmann at halftime of the USA-Mexico friendly on Wednesday night. I would have thought the honeymoon period would have extended beyond a week? C’mon, guys. Give the German some time to actually coach the American team before criticizing him.

The best rivalries in sports today exist in NASCAR.

Why did everyone get so worked up about what Tony Bruno said about Bruce Bochy and the Giants? He’s Tony Bruno, not Tony Soprano.

Beginning countdown to end of Oakland A’s season and “Moneyball” premier.

Brad Pitt dumps Angelina Jolie for On Base Percentage.

I miss Jon Miller and Joe Morgan on Sunday nights.

And one other thing Giants fans. The Padres lost 10 games in a row last season to allow your team to get into the playoffs and win the World Series. Don’t forget that.