Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sorry, Chuck. Only one network needed for one March Madness shining moment

I’m looking for One Shining Moment.

I only need one television network to find it.

In this case more is not better in covering the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. My March Madness is having to switch channels to see another game instead of waiting for CBS to cut into a close game at the right time.

That was the beauty of March Madness. Someone at CBS with the flick of the switch could direct us instantaneously from one game to another that was coming down to a final shot, a final play that resulted in a stunning upset or an amazing win and validated the madness in March.

Now, with TBS and TNT and Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament mix, we get whole games whether we like it or not and I don’t. It's terrible!

I like the old days when you could watch one game on the Eye Network with one eye on one game and keep another eye on the top of the TV screen as up-to-the-second scores from other games scrolled. There was anxiety and anticipation that CBS at any minute was going to take us to an even more exciting game than the one we were watching.

Now we watch one game from start to finish go back to the studio and let the talking heads talk.

Can you feel my March Sadness?


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