Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life of Brian has a bad week

The life of Giants ace relief pitcher Brian Wilson has sucked this week. Reality TV bites.

Let me put it another way: He’s been better at playing “Guitar Hero” than playing baseball.

The week started with Wilson reacting to being called out by Dodgers third baseman Casey Blake for his celebratory save-recording crossed-arms sign in L.A.. Blake’s criticism – which came after a blown save by Wilson -- was taken by Wilson as if he had received a swift kick in the groin. Wilson suggested he had a good memory and hinted at revenge. I know this is a deeply personal thing for Wilson, but he needed to be more professional about it.

Next, on Thursday, Wilson came into a tie game against the New Yorks Mets at AT&T Park and left having giving up three earned runs, meaning his ERA on the night was nearly as high as his I.Q.  The Mets are not the Washington Nationals it seems.

Finally, on Friday night, Wilson’s throwing error to third base led to his second loss in as many games to the Mets. He couldn’t finish the inning, got yanked and boos from Giants fans were clearly audible when Wilson walked from the mound to the dugout. Thankfully, it didn’t respond to that with another form of salute.

At about the same time Wilson was heading to the showers, his new reality show – “The Life of Brian” -- was re-airing on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. Bad timing. The last Giants player to have his own reality show became the home run king. Wilson’s recent woes showed he’s more adept at handling a camcorder than a batting order.

Personally, I love “Life Of Brian.” It’s funny and fresh and it brings out his quirky Boston Southie Irish personality. It offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of his real life including his home, which is rumored to be in Mill Valley. Given the state of the game  and all the focus on its steroid users, it’s a welcome distraction to watch a player who is having fun.

But if you’re going to stick your neck out there and call attention to yourself with gestures and gibberish you had better do the job you’re paid to do better.  It’s better to look good as a closer on the mound than be a hoser on TV.


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