Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Developing story: I'm fed up with Favre

Brett Favre. What now?

Ω A TV camera-toting helicopter circling some secret, undisclosed location in Mississippi where Favre will meet Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress to see if the quarterback wants to un-retire? Again.

Ω The 39-year-old Favre doing sit-ups in his driveway to his farm in Hattiesburg?

Ω Serena Roberts rushing to do on a book on Favre?

Oh, boy. Here we go again. The fact that Favre is taking a meeting with Childress is fueling the flames that Favre will return to the NFL, if only to play for the rival Vikings to stick it to Green Bay Packers management, which discouraged him from coming out of retirement about this time last year.  Cheese-us Christ!

It’s big enough news in Wisconsin to knock the swine flu off the cover of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. Number 4 is bigger story than H1N1.

Favre wanted to play for the Vikings last year but he was still under contract with the Packers. They eventually traded his rights to the New York Jets, who released him last week. Favre has said since the end of last season with the Jets that he planned to retire for good and had absolutely no interest in playing for another NFL team. No way, he said. Well, this man apparently changes his story quicker than Alex Rodriguez. Should we start calling him Brett Fraud?

Frankly, I have no problem with Favre playing for the Vikings. They apparently think they have a need for a quarterback (although Tarvaris Jackson’s QB rating last season was much better than Favre’s, 95.4 to 81) so Favre has to figure out if he wants to play for the Vikes. We all know how much he loves to play the game and we love to watch that passion and it would be great theater on Monday night, Oct. 5, when the Packers play the Vikings in Minneapolis and even greater theater on Nov. 1 when the Vikings play in Lambeau Field. That will get the weight of the world --  or Kirstie Alley -- off Favre’s shoulders.

I have only one request. Make up your mind now. Today. Don’t drag this one into a “will he or won’t he” daily developing story soap opera update on ESPN 24/7 and E:60.

If you’re going to do it, just do it now.


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