Sunday, June 29, 2014

Must read for sports fans who don't "get" or appreciate or watch the World Cup or soccer

Why I like World Cup soccer over NFL football:

  • Pure, genuine, unbridled nationalistic fanaticism and no fantasy leagues.
  • More human drama, even if some of it is manufactured in fouls and flops and feigned dial 9-1-1 pain.
  • Simple analysis instead of breaking down incessantly the games/the draft/the quarterbacks/the free agency period/even the new schedule.
  • Players and coaches proudly and loudly singing the National Anthem.
  • Players clapping and acknowledging  their fans’ support as they come off the field for substitutes.
  • Substitutes who enter the game and stay in it until the end
  • Players and coaches rejoicing on the field when they win. Or draw.
  • The Group of Death instead of the NFC West.
  • Headers without concussions.
  • Injured players are unceremoniously carried off the field on uncomfortable hard plastic “stretchers,” and not ambulances.
  • One referee, therefore only one lightning rod for controversy, who doesn’t have to take time to explain decisions on the field to players/coaches/announcers/viewers/anyone. Play on!
  • A whole country feels it got screwed by a call instead of one team or one city.
  • High-tech replays without stopping the clock and looking under a curtain on the sideline.
  • Fans who are watching the action on the field and looking up at the stadium’s video board instead of looking down at  their cellphones.
  • Yellow and red cards and no discussion instead of penalties flags and huddles.
  • Extra time that counts instead of running out the clock without snapping the ball.
  • No sideline reporters who get in the way of the game if only to justify their existence therefore eliminating any Richard Sherman Moments.
  • Spontaneous no frills outdoor public viewing parties instead of invitation-only private Super Bowl parties.
  • No TV commercials during the match or the overtimes or reminders that “60 Minutes or Your Late Local News Is Next Except On The West Coast.”
  • No penalties or punishment for creative or excessive celebration. Ole! Ole!
  • No Chris Berman.
  • One unapologetic Alexi Lalas who, through his smugness, still gives his honest opinion.
  • Exciting tie games, assuming you judge the action and not the scoreboard.
  • The suddenness of goals, no matter how rare.
  • Several kicks needed to break a tie, not often times an anticlimactic one at the end.
  • That hot Brazilian woman in the black dress and the Kia turning football games to futbol games.


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