Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Headliners and one liners

Headline: Vikings suspend pursuit of Brett Favre.

One line: If only ESPN would suspend its coverage of it.

Headline: Mike Tyson married two weeks after daughter’s death.

One line: How many sane people can go from a family funeral to a honeymoon so quick?

Headline: Joe Montana’s son decides on school.

One line: Nick has had plenty experience seeing he tried three high schools first.

Headline: Yankees try to end skid versus Red Sox

One line: Money is no object.

Headline: Emotional Mickelson says he win.

One line: So long as Tiger’s not around.

Headline: Jets reach five-year deal with Sanchez

One line: Tim Floyd asks for loan.

Headline: Boras: Strasburg deal should be special

One line: For whom?

Headline: Exposure charge dropped against Bills’ McIntyre

One line: I thought Terrell Owens was the most exposed player on the Bills?

Headline: Phillies Ibanez slams blogger for PED theory.

One line: It comes with the territory so get used to it.

Headline: Kareem: Howard’s Magic play ‘predictable.’

One line: As predicable as a sky hook?

Headline: MLB to Dodgers: Careful on Manny visits

One line: Is he in prison?

Headline: Mora: Vick deserves to be reinstated.

One line: So Mora can sign him.

Headline: Enormous Super Bowl rings

One line: It’s a bling thing.


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